Ways to use Gift Cards to drive business

There are a myriad of ways that VISA gift cards can be used to enhance your business, be it for customers, staff or resellers. We have worked with many high-profile clients to successfully build corporate programs with VISA gift cards as the driving tool.

Cross-Sell with VISA Gift Cards
An insurance company successfully promoted and cross-sold additional products and services to their existing client base by adding an inactive VISA gift card to a personalised letter. The inclusion of a card that offered rewards for registering for more information prompted an exponentially higher response rate than any previous cross-sell campaigns.

Customer Acquisition with VISA Gift Cards
An energy company used inactive VISA gift cards attached to a mass direct mail campaign as an enticement for recipients to switch from their existing energy provider. Cards were loaded for qualifying customers with a scaling amount based on the level and length of services that they commissioned.

Reseller Rewards with VISA gift cards
A garden equipment manufacturer promoted a cash back program via their resellers where both the customer and reseller were rewarded for purchases/sales of their products. The resellers were provided with a reloadable gift card and earned points for each sale and the customers were incentivised to buy with a cash back redemption offer. The customer and reseller registered through a custom designed website with claims verification and a personalised 1800 support line to our card services team.

VISA Gift Cards for Closed Loop Store Cards
A farm equipment manufacturer wanted to reward qualifying buyers with a gift voucher for their affiliated outlets. Using our closed loop solution, our team handled the management and compliance of the program to ensure the retailers branded cards could only be used in their national outlets.

These are just a few examples of ways our clients have used VISA gift cards to boost their business.

Other opportunities include:

• Referral Programs
• Loyalty & Rewards Programs
• Staff Rewards & Awards
• Competitions
• Customer Refunds and Rebates
• Staff Expense Cards
• Sales Incentives
• Training Rewards

Get in touch with us to find out how VISA gift cards can be used to maximise your corporate programs.